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Merry Christmas!

Mother and father, the time’s come at last

To celebrate Christmas unlike some years past

I have here a riddle, or two, three, or five

The answers’ the gifts that you’ll have to derive


I tried to decide which was right on my own

But couldn’t decide due to conflicts unknown

Dates are in flux and then so is the time

And your tastes might not quite be the same as mine


Solve my short puzzles and once you are done

Give me a date and then tell me which one 

At least tell me which one is not right for you

And if no preference, I will know what to do


Ready for couplets to get on our way?

From high-class to low-brow, let’s jump in the fray.

1. If Potter had since gone to orchestra school

He may have picked up this high woodwind tool

He’d practice a lot, but he’d struggle along

With the Night Queen soprano singing her song


3. Okay, okay, you’ve caught me with my blarney

How ‘bout something written by Mr. James Carney?

A new Irish musical with a sweet-singing dunce

And no, it’s not quite the same thing as Once

5. Well here we are now, the end of the list

This author would probably say that he’s pissed

Now I don’t mean mad that his work’s been defiled;

With a *burp* and a *hic*, he’d say it’s more…styled

2. To think of it now, that might be too recent

Be older than that to find a show decent

Or maybe not singing? That would be fine

Not every clue is the first word in each line

4. We’re getting way down past the well-meaning shows

Where we’re getting to now, god, nobody knows

You won’t find much music, but you may find delight

When not even once does a thing go quite right

Now that all’s said and done, I hope you’ve had fun

And please let me know which show here is the one

Once you decide, you’ll be on your way

To seeing a show you don’t see everyday

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