Merry Christmas!

I wanted to help you figure out how to produce good-sounding music on your own. Watching Youtube videos and just experimenting is definitely the best way to do that, but I thought in the meantime that I would give you a helping hand with the sounds themselves. Read the download link descriptions below for more information.

  1. Kontakt 6 Player (973 mb) - This is the basis for what almost all modern songwriters use for their sounds. Most sample libraries are written for the Kontakt player and so having this will allow you to add many, many different, unique, and interesting new sounds to your collection.

  2. Native Access (29 mb) - The way to download and activate any new sounds you want.

  3. Komplete Start (2 gb) - A collection of sounds to go with Kontakt. These are a great jumping off point and a good way to experiment with the new Kontakt engine.

  4. An option: Native Instruments' Picked Acoustic or Impact's Shreddage 3 (Legacy). Both are guitars with very good, but have their own styles. You don't need to pick immediately, and you can take as long deciding as you'd like. Also, if you'd like neither and you find another library you like, that would work as well (I have discounts for almost everything). 

Merry Christmas!