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Hayden Kline's Princeton University Application Portfolio

Submission 1: City Atop the Dunes

I started working on City Atop the Dunes nearly a decade ago, when I got my first music-writing software. As I improve, I regularly update it. This is the newest iteration, for full orchestra, completed this year. It is the cornerstone of my current ongoing project, a series of twelve songs exploring fantastical tropes. For a shorter snippet, I suggest listening to 0:08-3:35.

Submission 2: First Date

First Date is a piece I wrote for orchestra as a rescore to one of my favorite scenes from the animated Pixar film, Wall-E. I had the honor of recording it live with the Prague Orchestra, only peppering it with tiny additions not found in the score. This version was completed in November of 2019. For a shorter snippet, I would recommend listening to 0:33-1:46.

Submission 3: Elysian Halls

Elysian Halls, written for full orchestra in July of 2020, is the final song of the twelve-song series I began with City Atop the Dunes and may be my favorite. It is the most recent composition I have completed. For a shorter snippet, listen to 2:28-5:23.

Bonus Submission: Heiligtum Trailer

I chose to include this piece, Heilingtum Trainer, because I think it illustrates how I’ve grown as a composer, orchestrator, and arranger. I wrote it for a class project in a high-school German class in 2011; this version was completed this year, when I was at NYU. For the germ of the original piece, skip ahead to 1:46.

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