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My name is Hayden Kline and I love to tutor. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and as a student of it, I understand how integral it may be to one's fundamental understanding of concepts, tests, and applications. My philosophy as a tutor is to never give the student the information they need; rather, I give them clues so they can get themselves over the finish line. I find that, by giving them the opportunity to teach themselves, they are much more open to learning new material.


I received degrees in music and political science from Yale University, as well as a Master's in composition at NYU. I tutored with Brooklyn Math Tutors for three years, and have since continued freelance. For testing, I received a 2310 on my SATs (1560 in today's scoring system) and a 35 on my ACT. I wouldn't have accomplished any of those without receiving outside help. I can't express how integral it was to my academic accomplishments, and I would like to pay that forward to the next generation. Please click the link on the right to see my full tutoring CV.



Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask how I can help you.

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