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About Hayden

Hayden Kline is an emerging film composer from Brooklyn, New York. As a composer, he is strongly influenced by the psychology of music and how it influences behavior and uses these effects to guide the scores he creates. He studied music composition at Yale University, where he also involved himself heavily in arranging, directing, and recording, and singing in a cappella, as well as directing, composing, and acting in musical theatre. He spent a year in the prestigious American a cappella group the Whiffenpoofs, helping conceptualize their annual album and direct when necessary. He is currently attending the NYU Steinhardt School to obtain his Master’s Degree in Film Scoring.

As an academic student of music, Hayden is often inspired by the old masters of the baroque, classical, and romantic styles of music. His own compositions often emulate the strict rules of counterpoint and theory that have defined these genres for so long. However, his less-scholarly upbringing centered around more contemporary forms — jazz, rap, electronica, metal, hip hop, country, and others. As a composer, his aim is to meld his different worlds of music to create one seamless example of musical experience that can be understood and appreciated by all.

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